Does Main Menu works properly 🤔️?

I've tried some stuff after enabling it and it's weird, for example I tried Rygel and IBus Table Setup but starting Rygel looks like nothing happens (loading cursor animation and then stops) while starting IBus Table Setup shows those :point_down:

There are many others though but I couldn't try them all, shouldn't they be hidden or something? They look not working :neutral_face:. Then some Games categories don't appear, for example before disabling them I had Solitaire AisleRiot but Cards there wasn't, nor Logic as I still have Quadrapassel. Looks like that game categories aren't working. Moreover other games aren't selected except Cecconoid but they are on Games anyway, what's going on :persevere:?

In Main Menu (Alacarte or MenuLibre), you can uncheck applications to have them Not Shown in the App menu.
In reverse, you can checkbox them to have them show.

Check the .desktop files on these applications. The .desktop file should specify the category that the app will be placed in. You can change the category in the .desktop file, if desired.

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