Does Ms edge browser's startup in zorin lite block the main thread during the first opening of it?

I think ms edge browser in zorin lite block the main thread, i mean when i waiting ms edge starting opening(the first startup) , in the time of waiting i can't deal well with zorin( slow desktop, slow opening zorinmenu, slow response to opining other software), is that is the normal or the default? if not , how i can overcome that?

This may be an issue with RAM.
You can test your ram - or just prior to launching MS Edge, purge your RAM:

Then launch MS Edge and observe processing speed. If it is improved - then you know what to focus on.

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welcome mr Aravisian, thanks for that trick

but what if i am run the browser in the startup of zorin(autostartup)?

RAM can still get used quite a bit during startup. If you have a lot of autostart programs in your Startup file - then even more RAM can be filled by the time you reach the desktop.
It's worth it as a test, as it is an easy and quick way of taking a look.

I have many and a lot of extensions in ms edge , may be that effect also , when i open ms-edge from terminal i get that :

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