Does not recognize second monitor or tv via hdmi cable from laptop

I use my computer to stream video to the tv in my family's living room, and after upgrading to zorin os 16 pro, previously on windows 11, I can no longer do this with the hdmi cord that proved so handy. I also cannot do it on my admittedly older second monitor that I used to browse the web and discord without leaving a fullscreen game.

I have disabled secure boot, I have also updated all software and drivers, and cannot find another solution online to my specific problem. The displays dont show up at all, as if my hdmi cable wasnt connected at all, but worked just fine yesterday on windows 11.

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Gday @Mauranova , Welcome to our community!
Please let us know your system setup?
Laptop Brand/Model/Age:
Clean Install Or Dual Boot:

Sometimes it may take a few updates with a Clean install.

Do you have another HDMI cable to test with?

So, try with another cable & while another monitor is plugged in,
Run the "Software updater", look to see if your getting drivers listed for the 2nd monitor,
reboot after update has finished.

Or Run,( with external monitor plugged in).

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

then reboot

You may like to check your install process below.

For installation help, see link below, ( Support for Pro Customers).

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I never used an HDMI cable as I plug to my TV with a VGA cable so I don't know how it is with an HDMI cable. Try doing these :point_down:

:point_right: open Software Center, click Extensions and check if under Hardware Drivers there are some drivers to download related to HDMI
:point_right: hold Windows logo on your keyboard and press P to switch between showing both screens, only laptop screen, only external screen and merge screens, but never release Windows logo when you press P otherwise you close screen sharing mode switch function
:point_right: check your laptop resolution, sometimes the external screen can't fit the laptop resolution, I had a OUT OF RANGE issue with mine

I don't think that your TV or your laptop don't detect each other, maybe a driver for the HDMI port misses.

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