Does Zorin 17 use Mir?

Does Zorin inherit Mir from Ubuntu or is it running a different type of Wayland? I'm interested in taking a look at this new Miracle-WM thats supposed to be similar to SwayFX. I just dont want to screw anything up.
I know I could use a VM. But I prefer hard metal to try things out.

Yeah I know about using different DE's. Im actually using i3 right now. I switch desktops like some people switch themes. Lol.
I just didnt want to mess around and cause any conflicts in case it pulled in something different on the Wayland side. I very rarely use the Wayland version of any desktop because of incompleteness of apps that dont work with it. I rely on Barrier to get me through the day job and it will not work on Wayland.

I was mostly curious if Zorin inherited Mir for my own knowledge.

Thank you for the reply.

Neither Ubuntu nor Zorin OS use Mir.

Mir was used only for Canonicals Unity Desktop.

As far as I know Mir is abandoned all the way around a long time ago.

The Mir display server was to be part of the Unity 8 DE and was abandon forked and abandon again by most projects started with it. I don't know if Ubuntu Touch is using any of the code. There is apparently some continuing development, but not in the context of a desktop environment.

Oh yeah, thats right. It's Mutter that everybody is using with Gnome.

Looks like Canonical is working on resurrecting it. The github for it is getting a lot of commits.

I'll play with it in a VM then. Lol.