Does Zorin 32-bit support Intel Atom N280 in HP 311 Netbook?

Hi, I am new here.

I want to know, if Zorin Lite 32-bit gives support to old HP 311 Netbook with Intel Atom 280?


@haridiva Hi and welcome to the forum.
According to this old (2009) item 32bit ubuntu has been installed on that hardware, although some tweaking was needed on reading.
Maybe you should give ZorinOS 15.3 Lite 32bit Live USB a try.
I think I have read that Zorin do not plan to support 32bit hardware in Z16, but others may correct me if I have got that wrong.

@zabadabadoo - thanks, I'll try it, since only 1GB RAM, I am bit worrying it.

You may also try Antix 32bit:

You have good reason to worry about 1gig of RAM. Even on Zorin OS. While Zorin OS is quite good on older machines, there are limits to reason...

To the best of my knowledge, as well, Zorin OS 16 will not support 32 bit. Suppot for 32 bit is waning and it will not be long now before it is dropped altogether. While this can be frustrating for a person trying to keep their investment running; whether it be hardware or software side, with computers it is only a matter of time before it is too outdated to function.

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Yes, I am afraid we need to move to newer machine to follow the support for majority Linux distributions. Sad to leave to old machine while they still working okay, it is just unavoidable.

If you do not mind trying Raspberry Pi OS (32bit) (formally called Raspbian) for desktop PC, here is a download link.

Quote from the above site: If you have an old computer that is no longer powerful enough to run a modern commercial operating system, try Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop: it can often make the computer usable once more.

It worked quite nicely on my HPmini 110 netbook :slight_smile: