Does Zorin OS 16 Pro have a builtin VPN

I have Zorin OS pro 16.
I've been reading some old posts and one says Zorin doesn't have a builtin VPN but I thought it did.
In settings when I press the + sign it says Open VPN, Point to Point and Import from File.

Open the Software application, go to "Installed" tab, scroll down to "Settings" application, click it.

At the bottom, you'll see several options:
Fortinet SSLVPN client
Iodine DNS Tunnel
L2TP VPN Client
Legacy Cisco VPNC Client
OpenConnect VPN Client
OpenVPN Client
SSH VPN Tunnel
strongSwan VPN Client

I see OpenVPN and PPTP VPN are checked. It must be automatically checked upon install.
I know DNS settings can be set for optimum router control. If I click Launch is this where I can change DNS settings?

Zorin OS 16 Pro, like many Linux distributions, does not come with a built-in VPN service. However, it supports VPN connections through the Network Manager, allowing users to configure and manage their VPN connections efficiently. This flexibility is especially beneficial for businesses or individuals involved in a VPN reseller program, as it enables them to provide their clients with a secure and private internet connection across various devices and operating systems, including Zorin OS.

For those participating in a VPN reseller program, Zorin OS's compatibility with multiple VPN protocols (such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec) means they can offer a wide range of VPN solutions to their clients. To set up a VPN connection on Zorin OS, users need to navigate to the system settings, then to the network settings, and look for the VPN section to add a new connection. Here, depending on the VPN service being resold, they would enter the necessary details such as the VPN server address, their username and password, and possibly a certificate file.

This adaptability makes Zorin OS an attractive option for VPN resellers looking to support clients who value privacy, security, and the freedom to choose their preferred Linux distribution. Furthermore, many VPN providers and resellers do not offer these services, unlike the PureVPN reseller program VPN resellers program, offering detailed setup guides and support for Linux distributions like Zorin OS can enhance their services.

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