Does Zorin OS have VPN?

Maybe some of the guys that help me before in my other posts, know that we can't use Snap in Iran (my country) and everyone knows Snap is super important to any Linux user; so my question is why I can use Snap with really high speed (more than my router speed) and with no problem?
Is Zorin OS has VPN or what is Zorin OS doing to ByPass USA Banishing? And can I do that as well in other OS like ubuntu?

First, there is no VPN in Zorin OS that I am aware of. There are settings to help you interface with a VPN however.

If you have Main Server selected, it is possible, that it is what is doing the bypassing, for software downloads and updates.


I'm really confused I tryed for 1 month to fix the problem and enable any thing I can think about it and its enable into Ubuntu even selecting main server but app store and snap in not working any ways even after reinstalling and doing so much things and I don't think its just about selecting main server

Whonix isn't a VPN, but it does use the TOR network and has several additional hardening/privacy tools that may help you get around the obstacles you have described. I have it installed on my machine and it works very well.

This might not be the exact solution you were looking for, but I just wanted to offer a possible solution to the issue you are dealing with.

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Zorin has a place for you to enter your VPN credentials in the networking settings. But there is no built in VPN ready to go if that is what you mean. I would never ever use a free VPN either.

I don't use snaps, I don't install snaps either. Anything that is a snap you install anyhow. I find snaps are usually behind in updates and run a lot slower.


Ok so I have no way, I need to accept that Zorin OS has no VPN on it :confused:
But what about software store? How it's working in Zorin? I mean the repository's or changed or is it the same with ubuntu? How it's possible to use the software store easily in Zorin but it's not working in ubuntu? is there a difference between these software sotres?

It may be that Zorin OS's Software has access to the Zorin Repository. The Ubuntu Software does not.

Hello there, @Am.Shekari
Snap packages are not banned in Iran, I am using it, instead of Snap I have problems (recently) with Flatpak, You can change your ISP and test it (you can use your mobile data) I have problem with Hamrah Avval with Flatpak, But Snap is fine, and works great.
If you like a distro with built-in bypass system, you can try ParrotOS, but Zorin OS is the best.


So you are Iranian?
OK so maybe I'm doing something wrong when I'm using Snap or Flatpack whatever thanks for help everyone

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You may open Software & Updates app and ensure that on Download From you are set to Main Server, not a regional one.
Reboot and test.
For assurance, you may reinstall the Software Store:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software


Yes I am, And don't forget to change the Iran server to another one, Iran server is under censorship!!! :thinking:


Thanks for help

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