Dolphin Filmanager colors

I switched to dolphin filemanager but the background color is a lil unfavorable and I cant read the file or folder names.
See here:

Couldnt find the setting to switch the colors and the howtos I found do not match the dolphin version or show different menus.


Can anybody please help me on this?

Not sure if this would prove useful today, a little older:

Apparently a qt5 theme? Couldn't be sure about that though..

Did you install Dolphin from Software? I see two variants, one ZorinOS package, one Flathub; the Zorin package has multiple options and extensions at the bottom:

I installed the Flathub package:

I try the Zorin version.


Gotcha - I would think that the qt5ct application would be able to handle it. But, don't use Dolphin so I could also be wrong. That's just going off what I was able to find on it - still looking a little further but does seem like a configurable item.

I have issues with the standard file manger, creating folders etc. Am not very happy with the usability.

The Dolphin must be completely configured to show dark themes as its KDE app ...

Hmm OK

I think I'll use Thunar.

yes this one fits to my needs ...

Thank you!

No worries! :sunglasses:

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Well there are plenty of themes for dolphin on plingstore: Pling Store Click the Download button and open the app.
Download your preferred Dolphin theme in the app and click the file icon at the top. Then find the theme and click apply!

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