Dorp list or (drop menu in apps) get problem theme with some theme

I'm using windows10 dark theme in zorin lite(xfce)
(GitHub - B00merang-Project/Windows-10-Dark: Dark variant of Windows 10 theme)
i get problem in dorp list in all apps with some themes like that theme , i don't face that with others, but i like windows10 theme, if any one know about that problem, i don't know what the problem , may be problem in fonts,or what, i don't know. that is the example in panel apps, look at drop list in it, u will see up arrow and down arrow, no scroll bar, it is changing to scroll bar after choosing

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Maybe the theme is not made in reference with lite versions of Ubuntu. Lite versions are generally used for very slow system, like notebooks.
So, it might be a bug :smile:


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