Double input password in lock screen

Zorin OS 17.1 Pro required double input password in lock screen
If show lock screen, I'm enter one password, then one more time Open lock screen enter two. Why? :roll_eyes:

Just tried lock screen in Core and don't have that issue. Was this an upgrade from 16.x Pro? I would advise that as you have Pro installed you are eligible for Team Zorin support. You will need to fill out a support request form here:

I've had similar issue. I replaced Wayland with X11 and it hasn't happened since.
You can read the following message about how to switch:

You can test it to see if it improves the situation.

I've actually had this before with 17.1 Core - were you in Powersave mode by chance? This only happens when I'm in Powersave mode (laptop, and not always).

Is this a constant; the doubled lock screen?