Double notifications

Is it normal to see stuff twice? Usually you go to the oculist for this stuff :nerd_face: but here I'm sure it happens only on my laptop :rofl:.

If it is utilized by an application as well as recognized as a mount, it will show twice. I get this when I connect my phone. I will see Nemo asking what I want to do while the system tells me it is mounted....sometimes, if active, I'll also get one from kdeconnect. It's annoying, but they are notifications from different applications or parts of the system....It's doing what it's supposed to.

You can disable notifications per application or from certain parts of the system. This will remove some of the duplication.

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This is the funniest thing I've saw in, like, some years!

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Heh, for me today is impossible to not find funny things in less than a minute, with all memes and memes video collections that are out there :smirk:

La dubbia sessualità dell'uomo Ragno è un titolo perfetto.

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