Down loading firefox

new to linux, I’m downloading firefox got to this point

now what?

Firefox should come pre-installed. Is there a reason you’re downloading it?

If you want to install any applications, I recommend using Synaptic. The versions of the applications shown in Synaptic are the versions tested with Zorin and therefore the recommended ones to use. You are free to install other versions (and if you do download, look for .deb files) but they may not work well with Zorin.

hello carmar we meet again, Firefox was not working so I tried to re download it from the store to see if that would help. Message read flathug was not loaded. After a little research I loaded wine thru the terminal and now Firefox loaded. I have a lot to learn

If an application doesn’t work, again Synaptic can take care of that. In Synaptic, right-click on the application and Mark For Reinstallation. Then click Apply. That should fix it. If not, let us know.
Seems you’ve used Wine to install a Windows version of Firefox and perhaps even tried a Flatpak version. The one I’m referring to is the Firefox application packaged with Zorin. But nothing wrong with experimenting - that’s the quickest way to learn.

I just downloaded Synaptic and will start using it. Should I remove Wine or left?

Good. Synaptic is a great tool. Linux has numerous packages that can be installed on it. Everything from games to even just changing the appearance and even some device drivers. All these packages can be easily installed and removed using Synaptic. Kind of like Windows Add/Remove Programs but just more powerful and versatile.

You can leave Wine on. If you want to run some Windows applications, you’ll need it.

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@case A word of caution if using the “Software” store. Some apps on there are now listed as Snaps as well as normal installs, Firefox is one in particular. I remember the Snap version of Firefox caused a problem with disk access, which does not happen with the normal instal. So always check app version details on the store before installing.
Synaptic, once you get used to it, is a great tool for installing and managing packages (i.e. apps and more as @carmar mentioned).

thank you