Download link expiring during download

Why is my download link expired before my download completes

I did not know that they do expire... Does it remain as "expired" from that point onward?

Yes I have been trying to download the file for more than an hour and each time I launch a new download it run for about 5 minutes and then failed with a network error. AN attempt to resume the down show a link witch displays a page saying download link has expired.

Are you downloading Zorin OS 15 Core, Zorin OS 15 Lite, Zorin OS 15 Ultimate, Zorin OS 16 Pro or Zorin OS 16 Core?

No I am downloading the the Zorin 16 Pro version (the paid version)

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As a Pro user, please use the Contact Form to send a message to the ZorinGroup to seek assistance (I am sure you already have).

Sadly, we on the forum are members and Zorin OS users much like yourself. We do not have any access to the Ultimate or Pro download links or a means of looking into that.

What I do know is that Zorin OS 16, highly anticipated, was quite a rush. A very large turnout for this release and the first several days, the download mirrors were pretty clogged.
This led to more sightings recently of fake Zorin OS Pro versions being peddled on the internet.
It is possible that Pro comes with more security features in the download.

It may be, in light of the above, that trying your download again at a later time (less net traffic) may work fine.
Please keep us updated here as your feedback is crucial to accountability.

Thanks, will report back on my progress

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