Download Manager Recommendations


I would like to know about your thoughts on a good Cross-Platform Open Source free DL Managers.

Here’s is what I’m looking for:

Free Open Source Safe
Cross Platform (Linux/Win 10/Android)
Browser extensions (Firefox, Chrome)
Must be able to dl video/audio from Youtube (I’d rather extract audio mp3 from video and dl this mp3 only)

I have tried FDM (Free Download Manager (on Win10) does not do what I want.
Also tried uGet does not do what I want and looks awful on Win10.

I have not tried XDM (Xtreme Dl Manager).


I think there are copyright issues downloading music from YouTube. Also in respect of downloading large files such as .iso's get corrupted when using a download manager.

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That should have some useful info on the YT downloading and such.. basically, if it's copyright protected - it's illegal..

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If just downloading large files from elsewhere, these are apparently the best 15 Download Managers for GNU/Linux:

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I download some .iso files yes.
Is there some evidence that .iso get corrupted form dl manager?
And why is that?

In the past I used to use a Firefox extension download manager and the Zorin Team received a number of complaints. All the complaints had one thing in common, they had all used Download Managers. This is why Zorin state on one of their pages not to use a Download Manager

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