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Downloading the Zorin 17Pro ISO in Zorin 16.3 results in a 6.9GB file. Downloading the ISO in Windows 11 results in a 6.4GB file. Corrupt file? Half a gig is a lot of data...

I suggest you test the SHA256 checksum of the downloaded .iso file against the published value.

Zorin OS Pro and Pro Lite includes a lot of extra software and perks and is much beefier than Zorin OS Core and Lite.

Your Zorin download in Zorin will most likely be the correct/unmodified one. In Zorin, open your terminal in Downloads. Then type: sha256sum [name of Zorin iso], as you type the name of zorin iso you can hit tab to autocomplete it.

Match it to the posted hash for your version of Zorin: Check the Integrity of Your Copy of Zorin OS - Zorin Help

You can navigate to the Windows file for the same check while in Zorin, if the drive is mounted and accessible to Zorin.

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And if you would like to check the file on Windows as well:

  1. Open PowerShell
  2. Type Get-FileHash and a space
  3. Drag the file from your download folder to the command and let go
  4. Hit enter



As Windows cannot see or interact with ext4 FSs by default, I was providing a way to check both without rebooting.

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