Downloading from iCloud

Hey guys! So I downloaded iCloud for Zorin 16 to get some files easy from my phone. While I can see the files and upload files and creat new folders, etc. I couldn’t download from the drive. I’m wondering if that’s how it is or if I did something wrong. Thank you for any advice!

There are two versions of icloud for Linux in software center
0.11 and 0.12

May I know which version you have installed? Try both lets see if the issue get fixed

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I used .11. I’m try .12 when I get a chance :slight_smile:

So I tried both versions and can’t download the files from iCloud but I don’t think it’s a setting because I can download the files from a web browser. So I’m guessing the app doesn’t work properly, or at least not of Zorin :confused:

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