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I purchased Ultimate 15.3 two days ago and I haven't been able to download it yet. When I click on the download link it goes to the site and will do nothing after that. I sent two requests for help to support with no help yet. Any help would be appreciated.

Thomas 1772, welcome to the forum.
Zorin OS 16 is being prepared for release, with Azorin recently commenting that the ZorinGroup hopes to release the full copy by April.
This is not very long from now, at all. I wonder if it may serve you better to wait to purchase until the release of Zorin 16.
Aside from @AZorin or @zorink, no members of this forum have access to nor control over the server for Zorin OS Ultimate. Sadly, I do not think we can help you.
However, by using the "@" above, the ZorinGroup will receive notification of this thread.

In my opinion; you waiting two days before seeking help elsewhere shows great patience on your part. I struggle to ask you for more patience. As the release of Zorin 16 nears, it appears the Zorin brothers are utterly absorbed in finalizing everything that they can. I would recommend sending each of the above a PM on this forum, in addition to the two messages you have sent already. While any of us may worry about spamming someones inbox, it is not really any more messages than they are already sifting through.
It may be worthwhile for you to ask about Zorin 16, whether it will suit your needs and if opting for it, rather than Zorin 15.3 Ultimate might be better for you.
Especially if you purchase OS 15.3 only to have the next release made available shortly after.

In the meantime, from us all - Thank you for choosing Zorin OS Ultimate. Contributors like yourself keep the project alive and funded and help us all to seek a higher standard of Operating System.

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Thank you for your reply.

Yep, OS 16 will be out soon. Probably best to wait for that.

Hi @thomas1772! Our apologies for the late reply, we only received your first email about this yesterday.

We have just now re-sent the Zorin OS Ultimate download link to your email address. You can download your copy of Zorin OS Ultimate with this link at any time in the future and as many times as necessary.

We have checked our download servers and have not found any issues with the download process. Please make sure that you are downloading your copy of Zorin OS using the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome without any third-party download managers.

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Thank you for the reply.
I did not receive an updated email from you. Also, when I click Download on the original email it just sits there until it times out.

BTW, I am using the latest version of Firefox. (86.0)

The download link was sent to the email address linked to your order. In case you lost access to that email address, we have just now sent the email to the email address linked to your forum account.

We would recommend you to clear your web browser's cache in order to fix the issue after clicking the Download button. You can do this in Firefox by following the instructions in this guide: