Downloading WPS Office

Hello guys,
I am trying to download WPS Office from its website, but I can't for no reason, actually the download button doesn't do anything and there is no JS error on the console.
Does anyone check their website lately?

It must be a programming error... it's not working for me, either. Let me check something.... brb.

It's been that way since at least the 17th, per the Wayback Machine.

The latest .deb package per Wayback Machine is:

Ah, it's not a programming error, it's your ad-blocker. You're running uBlock Origin, I presume? Disable it for that site, and the download will work. Strangely, the download worked fine on iterations of the site prior to and on 04 Dec 2023 with uBlock Origin enabled... so they must have changed something.

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It's hilarious, because I used fresh Chrome as well, and I couldn't download it, I disable uBlock Origin, now I can't access the site at all :smile:

Clearly, China's relations with the West have taken a bigger nose dive.

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