Downloading Zorin 15 Ultimate & Zorin 16 Pro using wget or curl

Hello folks,

I need to download Zorin 15 Ultimate & Zorin 16 Pro (both of which I purchased) via the terminal using wget (or curl), but I can't find the direct ISO links to do that. Any idea where to get those links? The emails I got has links that work in the browser but not in terminal (unless I am missing something!)

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Wget uses the same URL and protocol that the browser does.
Please check that you are submitting wget followed by the URL inclucluding the File Name on the end of the url:

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Thanks for the quick response, but the URL I get is not as straight forward as you have it! Instead it takes this format:

As you can see, there is some extra data in the URL after the ISO

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And they work in browser? I wonder if it is how it is displayed vs. how it copies and pastes...

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Yes, they work in the browser, but not in terminal!

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I realize that this does not answer your question but...
Why not download the copies using a browser, then?

As far as why it is working in browser but not with wget- that is a bit of a mystery. As Pro (Or Ultimate) is a bit of a special case and not a normal public download, there may simply be a bit of security there that I am not familiar with.

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Thanks for your help. I prefer to use the terminal because I have some weird setup in my system that occasionally freezes the browser (Firefox in this case), and I have to kill the process in terminal, which means I have to start the download again and that takes a very long time (12 hours for 5 GB!). But you are right that Ultimate and Pro appear to be special cases as the download URLs expire.
Thanks again!


I just checked something, and you are right: the URL for the free versions is as you initially mentioned, but the paid versions have different URLs. So for Ultimate and Pro wget and curl will not work unless I am missing something.

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Seems likely a Security thing, to prevent enabling numerous downloads of a Pro Product.

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So the link a paying can be copied and download many times in a browser.

Yes, but you will need to go to your account and click on the Download button to obtain a new link, and it'll work in the browser only.

So if someone a buying a Zorin 16 Pro and share that link that means anybody can get a original a copy or this link have a some time to can be used? I wondering about pirate copies on the websides.

Links will expire shortly after they are created.

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