Dracula Zorin Icons?

Hello guys,
I am wondering is there any Zorin Icon pack with Dracula color schemes just like Tela icon pack? :yum: :yum:

Any reason for not wanting this?

You could also take a look here and install this one:

I think the guy ought to move to DeviantArt too with all the hassle he has been having with fake accounts downvoating - clearly Pling! is not working!

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Thank you, @swarfendor437,
I know about their project for years, I tested them before, but I meant the Zorin folders, You know Zorin icon packs are so gorgeous in any way and I thought maybe there is someone who made it before.

there is this tool that can apply custom colors to icon packs. Very handy, especially as Dracula is one of the built-in colorschemes

All you need is:

  • The tool
  • an SVG-Based icon pack like Tela or Papirus
  • A color(scheme) of choice