Dragging file to minimized window on panel does not open that window

On Windows if you drag a file to an open application on the taskbar, that window will be maximized and/or brought to the front.

Zorin does not have that, and it really bugs me e.g. when I want to drag a file to the terminal, I have to open its directory & the terminal next to each other, and only then do I drag & drop.

It's an incredibly minor thing but I'm fussbudgety like that :nerd_face:

I think we can all relate to some seemingly minor thing that is really important for our workflow. And that is something that is really difficult to change, old habits die hard and all that.

Unfortunately I don't know how to bring that functionality, hopefully someone else may reply and give us a solution, but in the meantime what you can do (and what I've grown used to by now) is navigate the windows using Alt+Tab while you're holding the mouse button down, and then drop the file once the window is focused.

Take note that you must move the mouse a bit on top of the new window that gets focused so that it recognizes you are dropping the file there. Otherwise it won't work. I put a quick video to show you how I do this, hopefully it helps!

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I'll get used to it eventually, as I often do. Many thanks for your kind reply, it definitely helped!

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