Dragging files to another workspace

Is it possible to drag files to the top/bottom edge of the screen and pushing them over the next/prev workspace?

For instance, I have Whatsapp on one workspace, and I want to send a photo over. It would be useful to go to a second workspace and dragging the file over to the first workspace and landing it in Whatsapp.

I tested in Zorin 16 Pro.

It looks like the only thing you can drag into the other workspace is the opened app window. At least in Gnome environment file dragging does not seem to work. I have no idea this could be possible in XFCE.

I will ask our XFCE specialist @Aravisian

Settings Manager > Window Manager > Advanced tab > "Wrap workspaces when dragging a window off the screen"


I checked and confirmed there is no such option in Gnome desktop.

You need XFCE desktop to have this function.

Are you folks talking about split screens (left and right) on the same display or moving say a picture over to a totally different display on a different monitor .... ex. when I want to add a picture to say add to this post here .... I split my screen by moving it to the far right then open pictures folder in the left hand screen and drag the photo over to attach it to the post in the right hand screen ....

I can do that but I'm sure you guys already know how to do it ....

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I was talking about one monitor, your solutions seems to work for this.

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XFCE is on Zorin Lite, right?

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We are waiting for the release of Zorin16 Lite coming soon (TM)

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