Driver support for Dell Latitude E5570?


I want to install ZorinOS 17.1 to my Dell Latitude E5570. The laptop has many hardware features I care very little about (NFC, webcam, microphone, fingerprint reader, etc.), but since I've been very unlucky with Linux's driver support in the past, I'd like to know if anyone has had any incidents with this brand/model. I specially care about the motherboard's Wi-Fi adapter and trackpad support.

Thank you!

The best way to figure out if it works, is to fire up a live USB and see how it's running and then report back if there's something you need help with.

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Isn't live testing sort of temporary? Will I be able to reboot into testing again while keeping driver configurations and other modifications?

Yes, live testeting is only temporarly. But give a good idea what's work.

Ok, thank you!

I have a Dell Latitude E6410 (2010) and it works fine on that with 8 gig of ram . HD is a bit slow but the wireless and all other functions seem to work adequately . Yours is at least 5years newer than that so I would think it would work .