Drives unsafely losing power during shutdown

This is a bug report of a problem that happens after installing a recent update since I think somewhere around 1 or 2 weeks ago.

Up until now, shutting down the laptop would act like normal: the HDD stops spinning and the fans go silent. But, since a recent update, I've noticed that the HDD does a weird, loud and short sound when it finishes powering off. The sound is the exact same that it does when doing a forced shutdown, so that means the drive is still doing reads or writes (or both) when zorin finishes shutting down the laptop. I've thought that the cause might just be the fact that the laptop is just a bit old, but I decided to test on another I have with zorin installed (which also uses a HDD): it shuts down fine before installing the updates, gets the same problem as the other laptop after installing all the updates.

This is a bit worrying to say the least, as it can actually damage the drive at long term.

Can you please test this using the previous kernel?
You can boot to grub menu > Advanced Options for Zorin and select the previous kernel, then test shutdown.

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The previous kernel (6.5.0-15-generic) does not have the problem

Seems like a bug on the 6.5.0-21-generic one, so I will stay on the previous kernel until a new one patches this issue


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