Dropbox doesn't run on startup (sometimes)


I have dropbox as a boot application. Sometimes it does not start and also delays starting Zorin. Anyone know how to start dropbox from terminal to avoid rebooting …?

Thanks Maurizio

If you are using Core or Zorin with Gnome Desktop, please check if this solution applies:

Sorry Aravisian, but I want dropbox to run on start up … The problem is that sometimes it does not start … How can I start dropbox when the system is started since this does not happen from the icon?

Thanks Maurizio

Maurizio, sorry I was not very clear. It is late here.
The idea was that the solution may be the same for either problem- by replacing the configuration, it may cause the app/system to recognize a change in start up options.

Sometimes if the network take a bit too long to startup it causes other apps to fail. I have the same issues with pCloud.

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HI, don’t mean to hijack this thread but after I installed the latest pCloud software on my other LinuxOS I get a FUSE error - are you having any similar issues?

No, no such problems with dropbox. Sometimes it doesn’t start at start up (1/10) …
I wanted to know how to start it from the terminal, but nobody seems to know. From the icon does not happen …

Can you see this guide:

and scroll down to Running on system startup
This is followed with a script and a couple terminal commands. Please see if this helps resolve.

There is a problem with dropbox starting (once in ten) on startup. When I solve it I will notify you. Your indications seem not to be applicable with te terminal …
I have no problems booting the system with dropbox and it is my intention to boot it …

Thanks Maurizio