Dual Boot fails in windows 11

What settings do I need to change Motherboard Tomahawk b450 ???
I have partitioned my C drive as instructed ... intelligence is not enough.
I also removed the protection before the installation attempt.. failed
Kindly Jussi

ps. sorry my English I use Google translator

This complete guide should help you:

Look for firefox add-on 'Translate Web Pages' into your native language.

(Zorin is based on Ubuntu)

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Thank you! This guide is clear to a beginner like this. I'll try it.
Despite my searches, I didn’t find it before

Thanks ... the installation was successful ... but now I was so unlucky that I can't access this new system..I just get a notification that the keychain password is required ... I simply forgot it. How do I recreate it. I can't get anywhere from the desktop, I have to shut down the whole computer so I can go back to Windows ... sorry..I'm stupid

By keychain, do you mean your login credentials? Or do you mean the Gnome keyring? I usually ignore the Gnome keyring but if it doesn't go away I give it the same password as my login - but I don't use Gnome any more, or Zorin, but KDE Plasma on Devuan 4.0

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I have reopened the topic currently as @swarfendor437 has alerted me that this is the name used by a Bread Company in Finland.
However, I stand by what I have said. Even a cross-cultural faux-pas can be innocent and still need correcting.