Dual boot problem

Hi, All,
I have been using Mint 20 for a while now, decided to try Zorin I downloaded Zorin 12.
I ran Mint as a duel boot with windows 7 I am having problems trying to get a duel boot.
Fresh install, partitioned 500 Gb hard drive into too loaded windows tried to load Zorin keep getting message " No root file system please correct from partition menu" thats as far as I got,Where am I going wrong?
Regards, Barry.

@Barry. Welcome to the forum
If you had Mint as dual boot before, I assume you know about linux partitions and filesystems. /, /home and swap. Maybe you forgot to set you Mount Point to / when setting these up. That caught me out once.

PS. I have corrected "Duel" to "Dual" in thread title, which I assume was a typo.

Also most of us are on Z15.3 or Z16Beta. Do you have a reason for choosing Z12?