Dual boot W10/Z15 to Zorin 16 Pro

Hi everyone,

From what I've seen around the forum there is a project still under development to make the upgrade from Z15 Ultimate to Z16 Pro seamlessly without the need for a fresh install. Are any updates? Latest posts are ~6 months old.

Anyway my question is really about how to handle the upgrade with a PC running W10 and Z15 as dual boot. Is/will this setup be supported by the automatic upgrading tool?

Oh, and one last thing I just saw that Z15 is supported until 2023 is this correct? I thought support would end this year?


There's no news on the upgrading tool for Zorin OS, sorry :confused:

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It is supported till 2023.

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Thank you both, at least I know I still have some time until I need to upgrade and hopefully by then this is already out.

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Marked Solution. 365

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