Dual boot with windows as prime

I tried to to install zorin os 16 alongside windows 11 on my laptop. It is quite awesome.
But I want something different. I work on windows with all my files. But when I open my laptop, it boots directly to Zorin OS. I need to go to grub if i want to go to windows.
Is it possible that my computer will boot normally to windows and whenever i want, I can enjoy Zorin OS.

Hi, and welcome!

You can try to follow the steps from this article. Note that ZorinOS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, so you can ignore the steps outlined for Ubuntu 18.04 and lower. All in all, it seems a simple process: install grub customizer from the Software Store and move the Windows entry to be at the top, before ZorinOS's.

While grub customizer works well for changing boot order, other customization features included with this application can be difficult to reverse. Proceed with caution.

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Install Refind - a nice boot manager gui - lets you choose what/where to boot to, when you choose Windows, it will keep defaulting to that till you choose otherwise. It also gives a choice of going into bios, or choosing another backup configuration.

I second @zenzen's suggestion.
You can just use the efibootmgr command one time and set the boot order for grub - simple, efficient and neatly solved that way.

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Actually, I tried to look inside /etc/grub.d for something that would allow me to easily see this information. I think this tool is exactly what I needed, very useful and great find for me, thanks!

In /etc/default/grub, the GRUB_DEFAULT=0 parameter can be changed to match your desired first boot option in Grub. If your Windows is 3rd in the list, you want to change that '0' to a '2', then you must run sudo update-grub to make changes permanent. When you reboot, your Grub will auto-select the third option in the list, and proceed with booting.

Just remember '0' = 'first', '1' = 'second', etc..

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