Dual boot Zorin OS 16 with AV Linux MX Edition 21?

I have installed Zorin OS 16 and AV Linux with the following partition layout: 512 MB EFI mounted at /boot/efi, then two ext4 partitions, 250 GB each. The root of Zorin OS was installed on the first one and I just now installed the root of AV Linux on the second one. I prefer the grub menu that comes with Zorin, so I opted out of setting up the AV Linux bootloader. My two problems here have to do with configuring the grub without ruining it: How do I have the grub menu load on each power on instead of skipping it, and how do I add AV Linux to the list?

The computer is 64-bit, and AV Linux is built from MX Linux 21. They're installed on hd0 (sda) and there are 3 partitions: grub menu is sda1, Zorin is sda2, and AV Linux is sda3. If I'm missing any relevant info, please ask me for it so I can try my best to provide it to you. I'm relatively new to linux but I'm usually quick with understanding so please be patient with me.

Have you run

sudo update-grub

On Zorin OS after installing AV Linux?

I'm gonna feel so dumb if that's the solution to everything. I'm running it and restarting.

Thank you for pointing out what should have been obvious :joy:
I really appreciate it. Hopefully this post serves as an example for anyone who has the same question

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