Dual booting Windows 7 and Zorin 15 (each on a seperate drive)

Hi there.

I'm having trouble getting Windows 7 and Zorin to co-exist.
The main problem is that when I install Zorin on its seperate HDD, the booting process turns into an either-or situation. I don't get an option to choose between which OS I wish to boot.

I suspect this may be because Zorin is in UEFI and my Windows 7 64-bit is in Legacy?
I am not a very smart man, lol. Any help would be appreciated.

You could be right. Legacy would be MBR and UEFI would be... well... EFI... I think that ideally, you would be able to reinstall Zorin completely on that drive as Legacy. Then update the grub.
Is reinstalling Zorin OS an option for you?

Yeah, reinstalling is no problem at all.
I didn't fiddle around with my install because it'd be pointless if I can't boot into it consistently.

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Okay, I went through all the steps of the Swarfendor Vimeo video and it all worked out!
I guess I didn't point the Bootloader installation correctly before.
Glad to report everything works now.

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