Dual=Booting With Windows 10

I am planning to install Zorin 16 Core on my wife's HP Laptop. It has a Samsung V-NAND SSV (860EVO). In a trial run, I was a little uncertain about whether to proceed. There were two partitions, plus some hidden ones. The first partition was larger, and had a File icon. The second had the Zorin Z. I could see that there was writing in the background of both partitions, but it was very dim, not possible to read, although it appeared to be info on the partitions' size; I could make out numbers and "GB."
I assume the large partition with the File icon is windows, but why did it not clearly say it was? Why the File icon? If it were my computer, Windows 10 would be long gone, but she wants it (I suspect because she paid for it. I would just consider it a nuisance, to be nuked asap).
So, I'm now afraid to go ahead with the install. I know how to disable Fast Boot or Secure Boot, but did not do so for the trial run. Is that the reason things didn't look quite right? Should I go ahead and disable FB/SB?

p.s. Zorin 16, as usual, was worth the wait.

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I don't suppose you could take a picture of that... could ya?

Well, I was going to take a picture Aravisian, but this time I got a different setup. There was no option to install alongside. It said that Windows boot manager was there. Now that I think of it, the first time it also said that, though it did give me the option of installing alongside. I did some bios checking. Secure Boot is disabled. I could not find anything about Fast boot at all. I guess I can choose something else and go for it. I'll make a system image of Windows first in case anything weird happens. I surer wish it was my machine. Just overwrite the dang Windoze.

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It's fate, pushing you toward "accidentally" wiping Windows...

Fast Start up is found In the Windows Control Panel- power settings, I think. I don't use Windows so I am relying on having done that One Time In my life - and I looked up how on the interweb.

Windows only names a partition if instructed to... so the oem installed versions or even those installed at home usually don't have any partition identifier other then the uuid. The efi and system partitions before windows should stay, you'll install grub to that 100mb efi partition to have the choice of os. Windows can be shrunk and zorin only needs one partition, though most of us use 2. One for root at 60gb and one for home (whatever size makes us happy).

Thanks, I disabled Fast Boot. that brought back the "alongside option." Although it says "alongside Windows Boot Manager."

what the hey, I'm gong for it. you only live once.

Thanks. Fortunately, the "alongside" option is back, so I'm going for it. Feeling adventurous tonight, after seeing the Steelers crush the Lions.

Success. Took only a few minutes, Windows survived (mixed feelings about that). I gave Zorin the lion's share of the 500GB drive.

thanks for the help!


can I install windows on my pc after installing zorin?

If you have or make the room for it, I don't see why not