Dual Monitors with Docking Station

I've got a Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 docking station. I've just hooked it up to my computer and connected to a single monitor but nothing is being displayed. I actually have two monitors I want to connect to but thought I'd try one first.

I'm wondering if there are any drivers or software I may need to install or if it's even possible for the dock to work with dual monitors on the computer.

Do you have the Display Link drivers installed?



In the meantime, it looks as though you need to run (for some other things noted in your terminal):

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

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What I am seeing in your post is a lot of connection loss. If it was just one site losing connection, I would think it was that site.
But you show them across multiple sites.

Have you rebooted your router recently?
Check your traceroute for packet loss or signal drop.

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May i also add, make sure your docking station is Linux Compatible.
Can you provide the Make & model of the docking station Please.

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It's a Toshiba Dynadock U3.0.

I'll try and and reset the router and maybe a different network.

Sorry i'm not online for long.
It seems it maybe only windows compatible.

Please try to research this further to verify this.

They do offer drivers:

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I finally managed to get the Display Link driver installed after days of trying various things.

Unfortunately still nothing displayed on screen. :weary: I've contacted Toshiba but don't hold out much hope.

On that note was wondering if anybody knew of any decent docking stations that would be compatible out of the box with Zorin. I've purchased two monitors which have DVI connections. I can currently connect to one directly via a HDMI cable and DVI adaptor but would like to be able to connect to both. I just have a single HDMI port on my laptop. I also need it to be compatible with Windows as I switch between machines. Ideally something I could pick up fairly cheap second hand would be ideal since I've already wasted money on the Dynadock :rofl: cheers

Glad to see you got the drivers running.

Are you able to try the monitor that you maybe having trouble with the HDMI to DVI adaptor, via just using the DVI output on the Docking device, does this work?

Why i ask is i also have a DVI (Samsung) monitor, which works 100% with DVI, but when i try via HDMI from pc to DVI adaptor at the monitor end, I get no signal.. I'm have never investigated the issue, i assumed the adaptor was faulty, It maybe a directional sensitive adaptor.

Sorry for the delay, no I tried the DVI and that doesn't work either so maybe you do have a faulty adaptor.

I have now purchased another docking station that I found on a 'Best docking stations for linux' article, a Dell D3100.

I again had problems with it and with the drivers and something called Evdi that required installing for it to work. Not quite sure what happened but I think something went wrong installing because I then tried to upgrade my kernel and it installed with errors. Then the PC wouldn't boot up. Eventually managed to get it working again by going to advanced options and booting with the old kernel, then managed to remove the new (badly installed) kernel and seems fine now. Now a bit wary about upgrading to the new kernel so think I'll just avoid upgrading for a while.

It now tells me that the displaylink driver is installed:
displaylink-driver is already the newest version (5.7.0-129)

It also tells me the service can't be found:

systemctl status displaylink.service      
Unit displaylink.service could not be found.

Still nothing when I connect either docking station. Think I am going to give up and be resigned to one monitor forever as I don't really know what I'm doing on linux machines and don't want to completely break my PC as it's a work computer!

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