Dual Screen - Login Mask appears on internal Notebook Screen instead HDMi Screen

the old Forum entries are missing. So i have to ask the forum for help.
Have a Notebook (13'') and an external Screen (27'') connected via HDMi output.
After Login to ZorinOS 16 the external Screen is my Main Screen and Notebook Screen becomes black.

Under 15.3 i had made settings for enabling this behaviour before Login, so that my large Screen shows the Login mask. After fresh install of ZOS 16 these settings are lost and i can't remeber exactly what has to be done.

I remeber slightly that i have to make all settings under nvidia and copy a generated file to another dir on root dir.

Has anybody further info how to get my Login Screen back to HDMI Screen?


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Do you mean this Old Zorin Forum archive

FYI, there is a shortcut to the "Old Forum" via the Hamburger icon top right of this New Forum.

Yes thanks for the hint but my solution seems no longer be there.
I haven't found something usefull with

dual screen
login screen
external monitor
second screen login

I think it was nescessary to make all settings in the user area (homedir) and then copying "a file" to a system folder so zorin already use these settings global at boot time.

At the moment i'm absolutely lost belonging this solution.

I wonder if the info in this post may help you:

It didn't help the other guy...:expressionless: But it really should work...

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Thanks for reply!

monitors.xml was the file that has to be copied. Zorin 15 reacts more quickly switching between notebook screen and external screen, so sometimes it costs some seconds to wait until the settings from the monitors.xml file switch the login screen from the notebook lcd to the external monitor, but it generally works.

Zorin 16 reacts much slower in this point of the boot process.

Thanks a lot.

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