Dual Win10/Zorin Two Hard Drives Boot Location?

I'm trying to install Zorin on an unallocated partition on my second hard drive. I created a partition for it already and had a question about where to install the boot loader Installation. In the instructions, it said to put the boot loader in the device where I installed Zorin (Hard Drive 2). However, my Windows 10 OS is installed on my primary hard drive (Hard Drive 1). If I want the option to select Windows 10 or Zorin, should I have the Boot Loader Installation on the same hard drive I have Windows 10 on? I figure my computer is looking on that hard drive already for booting up Windows 10. I had installed Zorin with the boot loader installation on the same disk drive I installed it on, but my computer booted Windows 10 with no prompt to boot Zorin (unless I made a mistake somewhere). Or is there something I need to enable so my computer looks for boot instructions from my second hard drive too?

The installer should install the bootloader in your EFI partition, no problem. You only need to worry about modifying that if you are planning to have your /boot directory on a separate partition. If not, you can select the partition you have assigned for Zorin and select Install.

If Windows 10 install is mbr and not GPT, I would put bootloader on Zorin partition and use NeoSmart Technology EasyBCD:

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