Dualboot and USB install

I just signed up to the forum and read some posts.
I know you should ALWAYS search in the forum first before posting.

I'm dualbooting Manjaro XFCE (which I use for several years) and Pop!OS on my ancient laptop with 3GB RAM on the same HDD.
It boots using Manjaro GRUB bootloader and then I can choose which distro I want use.
I want to replace Pop!OS with Zorin Lite because Pop uses more resources and it´s very slow (although it works fine) but I want to use Manjaro GRUB bootloader.

At this point a have this questions:

  • How can I replace the Pop OS on the that partition without installing Zorin bootloader so I can boot into Manjaro and update GRUB and hopefully detects Zorin as it did with PopOS.

  • Also I would like to install Zorin Lite on 64GB USB with persistence storage so I can use on several PCs as a pocket OS.
    Tried the Rufus method described here and it does not work.
    Watched some YT videos with the 2 USB method (the Live USB medium for install and the USB as target install) but can´t create partitions and / partition.

Thank you in any assistance given.

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you can use g parted tool to format the partition where pop os is installed and u can install zorin os on that partition. also delete the grub bootloader (do that carefully) then install the zorin os and later u can install grub bootloader and it will detect both os.

try making a live persistence storge with "mkusb" for zorin os lite.

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@nfratom , I agree. Just reinstalling Grub after installing Zorin OS Lite is how I would go about it, as well.
That is how I handled it when I was dual booting with Mint and had installed Mint after installing Zorin OS.

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Is there a possibility of installing with no Zorin GRUB with ubiquity-b command the update GRUB on Manjaro?

Yes, this is entirely possible. But doing so introduces more complexity and chances for error.
I would recommend just installing Zorin OS normally, then booting into Manjaro and reinstalling Grub.

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I believe I managed to do it.


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I marked your post as solved for now - but if you would be so kind, you can share what steps you took so others can follow them if needed and change the solution to that post.

My HDD sda is divided in 3:

  • sda1 - I formated in ext4. I had Pop!OS in here. Then I installed Zorin Lite

  • sda2 - Is where Manjaro XFCE and GRUB.

  • Swap partition

After installing Zorin I thought I had to chroot to Manjaro with live USB but it was not needed.
Manjaro GRUB showed up with the Pop!OS entry still displayed.
After booting to Manjaro I updaded GRUB via terminal and Zorin was detected and boot entry list updated.

Just a curiosity:
Is it possible to display the Zorin logo "Z" instead of general linux penguin logo like the Manjaro "M" at the GRUB boot?

If you are referring to the Plymouth theme, yes. I prefer the Zorin OS 15 Plymouth over the Zorin 16 one. So I install it, then change to it.

In temrinal, run:

sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

Select the Listed Number on the left for the theme you want to use. In my case, that number is 4:

Type the number, then hit the enter key.

Next, run:

sudo update-initramfs -u

That didn't work.
I only have these options.

It is marked on the Zorin Plymouth.
If you are seeing a different Plymouth at boot, this tells me that Manjaro is supplying the plymouth.
All you need to do is log in on Manjaro.
Install the Zorin OS 16 Plymouth:

Or if you want the Zorin OS 15 Plymouth:

Then run the commands above to change your Manjaro Plymouth theme to the Zorin OS plymouth on Manjaro.

The commands above do not work on Manjaro.

I better stay put before I break something lol

Maybe you can get more Manjaro specific help on the Manjaro forum:

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