Dummy Output and Nvidia drivers

New User to Zorin, I have an issue relating to nvidia drivers, I'm trying to use a driver for my RTX 2060, I also have an GTX 1050 Ti but its available driver 390 just crashes my games, some of the drivers for the 2060 makes my os form boot unless I go recovery mode and other that do replace my driver I get the dummy output which means I get no sound the games I play are:

  • Age of Empires 4
  • World of Tanks (Non-steam version but use proton to play)

what driver should I be using? I know open kernel is bad I've tried most of the available drivers so i'm at a wits end

For the RTX 2060, the Nvidia drivers 550 should work just fine.

You might try
sudo apt remove --purge '^nvidia-.*'

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-driver-550

This should install with DKMS, so upgrading the kernel later won't result in reinstalling the graphics drivers.


acknowledged trying that now

unfortunately during reboot it was hanging at zorin logo and motherboard logo in recovery mode right now what is the DKMS command? that i should run?

nevermind once i restarted form recovery it booting up and i has sound thank you cue ff7 fanfare theme

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Excellent choice. :grin:

Will this update work for all NVIDIA cards or only newer ones?
I am just starting with Linux and having trouble getting monitor to work with a GT 1050 TI card. Have a HP Compaq 6300 Pro SFF i5-3470, 16 MB ram, 1 TB ssd and GT 1050TI card. Removed card to update Drivers, hot swapped it in and no difference. Not sure where to go from here. Started a new question, to find out how to get help on this. I am no programmer by any means, just don't want to have to buy new equipment because of Win 11.