Duplicate - Delete - Battery

In the context menu, i can't find "Duplicate" & "Delete" feature or option, as mostly found in linux distros. Is there any separate settings/preference where i can add this 2 options to the context menu...

Battery - I have felt this many times, so i though of addressing this issue- i could be wrong -
When my laptop battery reaches 20% (showing red bar) and then slowly starts dropping from there on - I find the operating system works slow & stutters at times. initially, I thought it was my cpu or ram absorbing too much....so i restart my machine to find the same result.....later did i realized, that this happens only when battery reaches 20% or less.....and I normally recharge my laptop when it reaches between 2% to 5%, and then the systems works normal..

any insights on this....thank you..

The Duplicate and Delete options are specific to the file manager software, which in the case of ZorinOS Core, that is something called Nautilus. You can install another file manager if you prefer; a popular alternative is Nemo, created by Linux Mint for the Cinnamon desktop environment. Nemo does have the Delete option, but I'm not sure about Duplicate.

Another option is to add these options to Nautilus yourself:

As for the battery, I don't know. But check within Settings -> Power -> Power Mode. If "Power Save" is selected it may explain that behavior.

Yes, Nemo does have "Duplicate" & "Delete" function
in its context menus......and helpful at times.

sorry, i am not a coding guy...and i can't create my own custom context.....but if zorin team stumble's on this communication i would probably hope they add the "Duplicate", "Delete" and "Dual pane" features to Nautilus.

battery - the reason i raise this concern is- because, i don't see a lag, slowness & stutter in windows & mint (as iam using 3 partition with zorin os) with the concept of battery dropping at 20% and onwards.... i don't think it's a battery issue- if it is, then i should be able to see the same signs on other 2 OS...