Duplicate icons system tray "solution"

So I've been dealing with this bug for about a week when I installed Zorin 16.1 Lite and its not like a crippling bug but its pretty annoying to me. So the best workaround I found was just to just delete "status tray plugin" from my menu bar and add it again then move it up in the hierarchy to the place I want it to be.
This is pretty simple but it becomes more and more tedious every time I do it.
I want to create a file with console commands that will do these steps automatically for me.
Step 1:
Remove "status tray plugin"

Step 2:
Add "status tray plugin"

Step 3:
Move "status tray plugin" up in the hierarchy

Can this be done by command? help would be very appreciated.



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Thanks for your reply, but that doesn't solve the problem. The duplicated icons don't get hidden.

Anyway apparently i found a solution, instead of using "status tray plugin" I'm using "Status notifier plugin". I've already log out and in like a hundred times and no duplicates so far.


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