Duplicate photo finder

Could anyone recommend a good duplicate photo finder for Zorin?

I've managed to get all my wifes photos into a Linux shared folder (which, setting up, is absolutely nothing like I expected as a Microsoft user). She's using Adobe Lightroom to edit her photos and storing her exports in the shared folder.

Problem is, she has approaching 60,000 pictures, loads of double exports etc. She didn't like FSLint, which I really struggled to install. When I finally managed it, it was command line only. So that option is a no-no. She doesn't have the patience or interest to fiddle in Linux, she just want a simple, out of the box, point and click experience.

Anything you could recommend for a Linux newbie like my wife would be appreciated.

What method of search are you thinking?
By photo name?

As a starter, yes. But she has loads of different exports of the same photograph, all with different names. She wanted to use exif information, and possibly find similar images if possible. To be honest I'm out of my depth with this photography lark, that's my wife's area of expertise.

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That is more complex...
Yes, the terminal commands can do that easily - and I use them for Icon sets.

A common Linux app is Digikam

sudo apt install digikam

Which can sort by tags and metadata as well as other sorting options. I do not use it, so cannot give detailed instructions.

I also use Nemo 5 on Zorin OS, which sports an advanced File search Function or... file Contents Function. You can search based on the contents of a file, not just the name.
It's up to you if you want to see if that may be helpful:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxmint-daily-build-team/daily-builds

sudo apt install nemo

sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:linuxmint-daily-build-team/daily-builds

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I'm humbled and appreciate the help you offer. I have to say Zorin has the best support forums ever. Brilliant.

Thank you.

Time to start fiddling with things, or as some folk call it, "Learning."

You may find some nice things along the way- but hopefully others more into Photography may join the thread with better suggestions.

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I've had a look at both of these. One is an update for the factory installed "Files" manager. The Digikam app is interesting, a very capable photo editing suite, but not what I'm currently looking for. I'm going to keep looking, hopefully for a Linux solution. If I find anything I'll post back here.

You just became my hero.

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Did I do something wrong? If so it was unintentional. I'm still deep in the learning process. Everything I've tried so far rates on the difficulty scale somewhere near "Platting Fog whilst wearing boxing gloves."

Despite all of my stumbles and setbacks I'm loving the experience. Any info you have is viewed as Divine Enlightenment.

No, not at all.
For some of us, we feel like the Removal of functions from Nautilus File Manager, the reductionist nature of it is counter to what Linux Stands for as well as annoying to a person trying to use it.
Those that support Gnomes decisions on it, and those like me that oppose it; go around in hearty debate on the issue.

I use Nemo File Manager because it restores much of the functionality and utilitarian features that Gnome Removed from Nautilus.

You, as a newcomer to Zorin OS and Linux, as a test model if you will... Instantly referred to Nemo File Manager as an Upgrade to Nautilus. Without a side to choose and without a pre-existing bias, you spoke on it as you see it.

And became my hero. :slight_smile:

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Ah, I see. Thank you. Good to know I'm on the right lines, and yes, as you said, it's clearly better.

In your screenshot of Open Nemo 5, you can see an icon on the Upper Right side of an Magnifying glass.
That Search button, when clicked, will yield Two Separate entry fields.
The top one is Search By File name.
The Bottom one is Search within the Content of the File.

You can put something in both fields or only one field.

This is a feature I use... A Lot.
Even if it is not one that helps you much for Photo sorting, I suspect you may find this very useful for other tasks or even... Configuring your system. Content Search is a harder thing to find, much less in a GUI File Manager.

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I'm already going through my MP3 collection using that method. As for photos the scope is much more limited. It's extremely capable at search through Exif data etc but it can't search through the images with minor pixel / compression / size / crop / overlay changes to find virtually identical images. This is the kind of functionality my wife is looking for. She's had advice about a couple of high quality paid applications for Windows, but I was hoping I could find something in the Linux community. I'm happy to pay for professional / commercial products, but I haven't found anything suitable.


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