Duplicate program installed/Icon in application drawer

I have mistakenly either installed the same program twice or there are two icons in my application drawer. The application is the raspberry pi imager. I installed it from a .deb file from the main site and it appears twice in my application drawer. I clicked on the .deb file a second time, it opened my software center and I clicked "remove" and one of the icons are gone now. I restarted my computer and now theres only one raspberry pi imager icon in my drawer. When I click on the icon it will start the imager, even though it was previously uninstalled. I am just looking to try to find the program and delete it please.

What method did you use for each installation?

Did you use a .deb package once and a different method once?

You can try using Synaptic Package Manager to search for and remove the program

sudo apt install synaptic

Are you trying to completely remove the program or only remove the duplicate entry?

It has been so long since I installed it I do not remember how they were installed. I think i downloaded a .deb file from the internet and then that opened up the software installer and I hit install from there. That same package manager does not show the imager as being installed and synaptic did not find the program in question.

Well... this may be the right package:

wget https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/imager/imager_1.4_amd64.deb

Grab the .deb file with the above command. It should appear in your Home Folder.
Double click it to run the installer. I would recommend using gdebi for this...

sudo apt install gdebi

Gdebi should offer to either reinstall or remove the program when you open the .deb package with it.

I have followed these steps and the only open it gives me is to install the package. This could be due to the fact that when I open the raspberry pi imager it prompts me to download the newest version. So maybe gdebi is prompting me to install the newer version?

Can you please open a terminal and run

apt list --installed

Find the installed imager package and note the version.
We can then try looking up that particular .deb file or package on pkgs.org and grab that one.
Then open it with Gdebi ^ as above...

I have made a pastebin of my packages

I searched raspberry, raspberry pi, pi, imager, and imager_1.4 and there are no packages listed. I have probably done something wrong, but I couldnt find that package on pkgs.org

Can you search in /usr/bin for rpi-imager?

There were no results for that search

But it launches?

Can you check if it is installed by Flatpak or snap?

snap list

flatpak list

It does launch yes, it was found under the snap list under:

rpi-imager 1.6.2 184 latest/stable popey

Ok... now we are making headway.

Can you check /usr/share/applications and see if there is a (or more than one) .desktop file for it?

There is nothing in that folder that relates to rpi-imager, rpi, raspberry pi or anything pi related

Interesting. It looks like it is not installed as a .deb...

  • Since it does not show up in your installed packages list through apt
  • Since Gdebi offered to only install it...
  • Since there is no desktop file.

So, I am not sure why Snap is being a pain, but I am also not surprised...
You might open the Menu Editor (Alacarte or MenuLibre) and remove *or uncheck) a duplicate entry there.

Thank you for the help. In a last ditch effort I used:

which rpi-imager

and it said it was located in:


And behold, I have finally found it. Now do I just delete the folder or is there a specific command that will remove it and the icon in my application drawer?

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If you want to remove it completely

snap remove rpi-imager

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Thank you for the help, that has solved it.

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