Duplicating my calendar entries

Hi Everyone
Question very new to Zorin OS 16 pro, why do all my entrees on my calendar duplicating? Could someone please give my some advice of what is going on and maybe a solution to this matter.


Can you please post a screenshot to illustrate what you are describing?

Hi Aravisian

I have attached a screen shot not only is this being duplicated on the calendar app Zorin it self is doing it too, for instance if you click on the time, Date you will also see the duplication happening also?

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I see, now.
Can you try removing the contents of ~/.config/evolution/sources and see if that resolves the issue after logging out and in?

Hi Aravisian
I figured it out, wail doing some investigating found that on my end my calendars some how got duplicated hence duplicating all the events, so I shut down all the duplicates and now everything is working fine, only one entree per day.



Hi Aravisian
I have attached another screen shot to show you what I am talking about. As you can see I have a lot of calendars and for some reason they got duplicated, so I unchecked all the duplicates and now everything is back to normal.

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