During 'install grub2 phase" zorin stops with error msg

Install type live session
Clean Zorin install of v 15.2 light
“Grub-efi-amd64-signed…” won’t install to target (I had to type this in. The pc is not online)

The pc is an Asus x206h . Our family simply stopped using this with Windows 10 cos it always ran out of memory etc. There’s nothing of value left on it. I just want to install a linux os to see if it will make it slightly useful :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for any helpful suggestions .

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Zak1977, could you boot into Windows10 and go into the settings and Disable Fast Boot before installing Zorin?
Fast Boot locks down the HDD, preventing the Ubiquity installer for Zorin from being able to operate.

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And also the hidden advanced power settings in Control Panel Power Options - there is a setting there that keeps the hard drive sleeping - it never cleanly shuts down for quick boot ups - if you can’t find Fast Boot in BIOS then look for ‘Windows Boot Manager’ and disable. :wink: