DVD RW matsushita playing music cd but NOT video DVD and eletronic book(personalized video cd) of congress of neurorad

To play video dvd region 4 latin america, after " sudo apt install libdvd-pkg && sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg " started to play.

But to play personalized video cd of a congress of neuroradiology (windows) wine showed those messages

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Found this in your forum

Aug '21

No, actually... Zorin OS has not come with Wine preinstalled for several releases, now.
What ZorinGroup did was they added an Easy Installer that will install Wine if you attempt to open a Windows or .exe package.

You would know it if you added a Wine Repository...
So let's remove the package.

sudo apt remove --purge zorin-windows-app-support

Once done, from your home folder, remove any ~/.wine directories.
Then for Wine 5.0:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

sudo apt update && sudo apt install wine64 wine32

If you want Wine 6.0:

wget -qO- https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/winehq.key | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt install software-properties-common

sudo apt-add-repository "deb Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu $(lsb_release -cs) main"

sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-stable

Once installed, run:


First I am trying crossover 22.1 for linux , which I used in 2006 with macos lion.

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nope crossover fail to create botle.

As I understand it, Crossover and Wine are in essence, the same. Wine is made by the Crossover team.

Yes, Sir!

Tryed bottles, crossover 22.1, same dead end. 2 technical vcd(I was a MD radiologist) nada :frowning:

DVD zone 4 and music cd OK

Can you test:

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras mplayer

In terminal, run:

mplayer /path/to/vcd/file

Replace "/path/to/vcd/file" to the actual path to the VCD file.

I beg your excuses, but how can I discover the actual path to the vcd file?

Files always follow a Tree. The directions you would take to reach a file is the path to the file.
The base of the tree is the Root. Everything branches off of that base.
So, let's say you download a file from the web and it is saved automatically to your Downloads folder. Let's say that file is named "downloaded.file". The path would be, starting from Root:


In Linux, $USER is a generic stand-in for your UserName. We disliked having to type that full path for a directory that we so often access... so the tilde symbol was adopted as shorthand for the path to Home. Using the shorthand tilde:


Your VCD files are in a place where you know where they are... So using your file manager, navigate to them. Your profile says you are on Pro Lite. This means your File Manager is Thunar (Unless you have changed it for something else).
Open Thunar, navigate to your VCD files. Note, now, at the top of the Thunar File manager there is an address bar, much like you see on the Browser. You can click on this address bar and use the mouse to Highlight and Copy the full path displayed there.
You can then right click and paste this path into the terminal.

I changed from lite 16.2 to zorin pro 16.3.

Can you please update your profile to match?
On Core
Navigate to your VCD file using the File Manager (Nautilus)
In the headerbar, you will see that the path is arranged as Buttons.
Tap the keyboard shortcut ctrl+l (That is an L).
The addressbar will now be populated with a text path you can copy instead of buttons.

Made the change to the file.

Opened videos pointed to setup.exe from vcd and

Oh cup of wine why it is broken?

Is this a vcd file or an exe file?

have a setup.exe and a .DAT 4.8 GB

The box has printed vcd but actually is a dvd.

I suppose you do not have direct access to the VCD files themselves? The instructs above handle having the actual VCD files.
A .exe and .dat are Windows extensions and WINE may be able to handle compatibility... it may not.
You may need more specialized guidance on this one, either from the winehq forum or from a more knowledgeable member here.

But you might also use dual boot or a VM of Windows to run these files instead of trying to create compatibility in Linux.