Easybcd add zorin os

Hi guys
I have another question
What option in add zorin os in easybcd

I haven't used the software in a while, but there should be a Linux option in the add entry tab. The software is supposed to be UEFI ready. I had used easybcd for years, but only on legacy bios machines.

Do you have better app?

I've been trying to add KDE into Windows 11 as KDE in the past had stated it could be added to Windows but this apparently isn't the case. I shrank the system partition to create space for KDE Neon. I have used EasyBCD before when MBR was used. NeoSmart don't advertise it on their website, but the warning came up that it can't be used with Windows 11 because of how they have applied UEFI. The solution? rEFInd, get it from source forge net. I chose the CD option, extract the zip file and burned with imgburn from https://ninite.com. I boot off the CD and choose which OS I want to boot off. I don't intend to keep Windows 11.

You can install rEFInd to the drive.

I didn't need additional software for my current setup which is a dual boot with Zorin and Win 11 on different drives.

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