Edge browser media player control is not showing in the pulseaudio plugin xfce. But it is working with firefox

sorry sorry, but here I can't help you(i don't use edge :wink: ). but I can call support @Aravisian @FrenchPress @StarTreker @zabadabadoo

Can you test using a non-system theme, such as one downloaded from Pling - this is to identify whether it is a system issue or a theme issue.

I don't use edge browser either. And if the edge browser volume controls don't show up in Pulse Audio, then that means that the Edge Browser is probably so darn proprietary, its not allowing Pulse Audio to socket in. I can't really help either sorry. Like I said, I don't use Edge browser.

How was Edge installed. Is it a Snap, Flatpak ?
(afraid I do not use Edge myself)

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