Edge browser stable

Anyone test? Later Im gone install and check.

I tested it already, it's just Chromium but with Microsoft stuff. I give it a pass, it's just a browser. I'm writing this while using Edge.

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Edge is fine...it feels like full-fledged Teams is never coming.

I mean, they did make the UI a lot cleaner than Chromium. It's just not something I would bother to use.

They released Edge but not other microsoft softwares (for linux), only to promote their browser (because many people still use Chrome) and more importantly BING search engine. They also made it harder to switch default browser in Windows 11. Why? We all know.

Forget Microsoft Edge, it will keep you on the edge the whole time. Use the real Chrome browser if you want the Chrome experience.

Or use Firefox if you prefer a less managed by the big greedy corporation experience. And there are other browsers people have been recommending on here. There is Vivaldi which I have used, its very customisable, but it lacks the flushed out feeling that Firefox gives.

Some people recommend Brave, but I've never used that browser.

Exactly, I don't use it as default on windows. It is clean once you turn of all the default extras on the start page, but I do the same with Firefox.

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