Editing gnome-shell.css

In the css2 version, have you tried using two vertical gradients within the hover definition. The white to dark red as start and end for one and a dark red to light red for the other? It should apply both, maybe specifying the size as 50% for the first and you shouldn't have to with the second. Just a thought. I'm more familiar with css3.

Harvey, thanks for the suggestion tried it but still can't it just as realistic as with combination of 3 or more colors like in gtk.css

But trying to add Aravisian's "invention" I get a pretty good result. Looking like this;

Screenshot from 2022-02-13 16-51-50

Storm - I use gnome and when using Alt Tab while switching for the available apps, this blue-ish color is visible. ( guess there are more places). Don't know if you also have this. But still I would like to find out where it's coming from.

Screenshot from 2022-02-13 16-52-46

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I still got some blue-ish stuff to figuring out.

I know a guy who solved it. Install the predator theme. It has a gnome-shell, use the alt-tab and you will get this.

Screenshot from 2022-02-13 18-49-55

Blue color is gone.

I do not use Gnome so, without logging into it to check, I would take some guesses at things to check and look at:



.workspace-thumbnails {




.switcher-list .thumbnail-box


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If you can find them hidden away in some menu somewhere...


Also, background-gradient-direction can be radial as well as horizontal or vertical.

Nah, radial makes a mess. But the vertical, with your idea is really helpfull.

Screenshot from 2022-02-15 12-17-17

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That looks awesome.

How did you round the top bar and add the margins? I love that look!

Does anyone have an idea on how I can change the color of the active icon dots in the dash?

Simple move the panel to the top and make it intellihide.

Then use Plank instead of dash to dock, then you have the perfect setup.

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Also, the color property will apply to monochromatic symbolic icons, not just to font. So, changing the color (font) in the .css file will often match that color to the monochromatic symbolics, too.

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You are not using the gnome layout, then?
Because with my gnome layout the intellihide doesn't give me that look.

I found this code

#dash .app-well-app-running-dot {  background-color: #123354; }

But changing the background-color or adding color didn't work.

You can also edit the .css file:
inside the #panel { } block
add/modify the following lines:

border-radius: 15px;

Replace 15 with whatever you wish for.

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I tries this but It didn't work, but that may have to do with the fact that I run the 'blur my shell' extensions.

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