Editing system sounds

This screenshot shows all the sounds I worked on.

Here’s the link for anyone who is interested: https://github.com/logant547/Misc/raw/main/zorin%20sound%20theme%20(mod).tar.xz

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Would love a step by step instruction manual;cheers in advance

System sounds are stored in

This can be accessed with Read Write privileges by opening your file manager as elevated with
Zorin Lite, Zorin Education and Zorin Ultimate Lite:

pkexec thunar

Zorin Ultimate and Zorin Core:

pkexec nautilus

You can navigate in Thunar by hitting the Up Arrow on the toolbar up to the top-most directory and then opening /usr then /share then scroll down to /sounds or you can type in the file manager window “sounds” and it will highlight that directory and drop to it.
In Nautilus, open “Filesystem” or “other file locations” and navigate to the top directory from there.

Once there you can copy / paste or delete files as needed.

To directly edit sound files, you can use Audacity

sudo apt install audacity

At this point, editing it really depends on what you want to do so might need another thread.

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The easiest way to do this is to run sudo nautilus (Core, Education and Ultimate versions) or sudo thunar (Lite version) and navigate to /usr/share/sounds/zorin, then drag and drop the sound files to replace the originals. After that, reboot your system and the new sounds should be applied.