Elantech Touchpad

Hi,im a new user of Zorin and im enjoying how light this is running on my old laptop.
One issue i am having is with my touchpad which seems to be very sensitive to touch and moves too fast,i have tried using the speed and sensitivity sliders from slow to fast in the touchpad GUI but this seems to have no effect on how the pointer moves.
I did some research into the issue and read a recommendation to use the Synaptics driver for better response,i have this driver installed but again i see no difference with sensitivity.
I also read Elantech touchpads have this issue with several different distros,but i will reach out and see if there is anything else recommended to try and improve the pointer.

Are you dual booting with windows? You could try adjusting it there, i have seen some settings remain persistent across os's, depending on the device. TouchPad shouldn't, but who knows.

I shut off my TouchPad and use an external wired mouse so i have more control and it sorrento change the line while I'm typing (never attacking while you're writing code!).

You may also want to try updating your firmware (built in drivers) which may help with this, if you don't want to move to zorin 16.

Hi,Zorin is the only OS I have on the laptop,as you say I did connect a wired mouse yesterday and it worked very smooth,I do prefer a mouse but on some occasions its not possible to use one.

Get used to enabling and disabling the TouchPad without a mouse. The keyboard function key shortcuts should do the trick.

See if solution posted here works for you. (No guarantees!):

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